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Hi, I'm Sandra. I love snow and sunsets, the sea and the mountains. I love being outdoors and won't say no to a hot chocolate (with whipped cream, please!).  I could spend hours binge-watching my favorite TV-series and I love to spend weekends in the gym playing volleyball. Cooking helps me relax and there's never enough cookbooks to have. I'd love to be a talented bullet-journaler but that just doesn't seem to be for me. What else? I love washi tape, could eat Avocado with anything and I'm a hugger, so be prepared when we meet. 

I got into photography when I was a teenager and knew that's what I wanted to do for a living. It's a challenging and creative job and I wouldn't want to do anything else.

And after I told you a little about what I like it's time to let you know a few things I can't stand. Above all: cilantro. I mean nature, how could you? It's a big no-go and probably the only thing I am really picky about eating. Then there's my procrastination that I'd like to get a grip on - but I'll probably do that tomorrow. Oh, and mornings. Yes, I know, the beautiful light and everything but I am just not a morning person. At all. 

Any questions, suggestions or stories to tell? Drop me a line through this contact-form and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 

I speak English. 
Ich spreche Deutsch.
Parlo italiano.
Mówię po polsku. 
Hablo un poquito español.

Je parle un peu Français. 

Und natürlich red ich au Schwiizerdütsch. 

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I am based in beautiful
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But I'd love to travel to wherever
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