A former colleague of mine, Silvia, decided to quit her job as a full-time journalist and pursue her dream. After looking around for houses and planning the start of an own business for a while, she finally opened her own Bed and Breakfast in the Toggenburg-region in Switzerland. The "Laui" in Ennetbühl is a cozy three-bedroom house with a beautiful and stylish interior. 

A photographer-friend of mine, Chris Iseli, and I visited Silvia one day in spring and took photos for her flyers, homepage and for booklets and mailings. We spent a wonderful night in the "Laui" and Silvia and her husband served us a delicious breakfast in the morning. While Chris took pictures of the rooms and surroundings I was in charge of details. My highlight was Silvia's dog, Jamie. Those of you who know me know that I am a dog-person through and through. Just a few minutes and cuddles with a dog and I'm the happiest person - which is probably also why I used to go to the animal sanctuary as a student to take the dogs there on walks. Now I unfortunately don't have the time for that anymore. So those occasional visits to friends with dogs and talks to stranges will have to do. And I mean look at Jamie, isn't he the cutest?