Fleuraissance - that’s Maja Bartholet and her beautiful floral arrangements. She grows her own flowers in a small patch in Zurich and does not import any other flowers for her works. Which means everything you get with her is locally grown, organic and seasonal. No roses that are being flown halfway across the world for you to marvel at them for a few days before they welt. Instead, you get Swiss flowers that you might not find in the shops, creative arrangements and a friendly service with everything you buy through fleuraissance.

I really like Maja’s concept, which is why I am sharing it with you here. If you’re an eco-friendly bride or if you just like to do a small thing for the environment, you can get your bouquet and other floral arrangements made to your liking. If the things you want are in season, that is ;)

For her branding pictures I visited Maja in her studio in Bachs, Zurich and also went out to her lovely flower garden with her. In between weddings, I really love doing shoots like this. As a small business-owner, I feel that it’s important that the images you’re using to portray your business really reflect your style and personality. And I feel like with Maja, we managed to show what her brand really is about.

Read more about Maja and her work here: www.fleuraissance.ch