It all started with an innocuous message in a facebook-group: Thomas asked if anyone would be in Santorini on the two days him and his wife were visiting. I knew we were planning on going to Greece and had also booked ferries to Santorini but had no idea of the dates. I mean, what were the odds? Turns out, they were in our favor: We arrived on the one day Thomas and Jana would be there, too. I messaged Thomas and we quickly got talking. He’s a wedding photographer as well and his wife second-shoots with him so we obviously decided on doing a mutual shoot. I would shoot him and Jana while he’d shoot my guy and me. When we got stuck on Mykonos because of a medicane I was already worried we wouldn’t make it - I had looked forward to that shoot for such a long time, though!

Thankfully, we did make it and met up in Imerovigli. It’s not the famous town on Santorini but much less touristy while being almost as beautiful. Thomas and Jana came to our hotel, we had some wine and an ice tea (hello fellow people who don’t like wine!) and started shooting right before sunset. It was wonderful, I had lots of fun shooting them and the random doggo that came up and wouldn’t leave while it was also surprisingly relaxing being in front of the camera for once. Thomas took some of my favorite pictures of the two of us for us and I’m really, really glad he posted that facebook-message.

Check out their work here: Schwede Photodesign

And of course I’ll also show you one of our pictures. But I want to respect my guy’s privacy and since he prefers not to be present on my accounts and on my page here’s our beautiful and incredibly photogenic backs :p
Image by Thomas Schwede