What an elegant couple! These two truly brought some Parisian flair to the cold streets of Zurich.

The story behind this assignment is actually a funny one: Patricia and Antonio didn’t know a photographer would be present at their wedding until they had already signed in at the registry. Their witnesses had organized me as a surprise because they thought it just couldn’t be that those two didn’t have any professional images of their civil wedding. So, on this cold Tuesday in May, I went to Zurich and stayed in touch with the maid of honor who sent me a picture of the bride so I’d recognize them in the busy halls of Zurich’s City Hall.

And even though it must’ve been at least a bit of a shock to suddenly find themselves in front of the camera, the two of them were great sports and absolute naturals. I mean just look at how relaxed and happy they look despite the pretty cold temperatures (fun fact: While it was 13 degrees on their wedding day, I had another wedding exactly one week later to the day. We had 30 degrees then. Crazy, isn’t it?)

Patricia and Antonio, grazie for having me and all the best for your “big” day this summer and the amazing future as husband and wife!