What happens when you book a wedding photographer and he gets sick the day of your wedding? It’s the horror of any bridal couple. But if you have booked a professional photographer you definitely don’t have to worry. I have explained what happens in that case in this blogpost, go on and read it. Why am I writing this here? Because that’s exactly what happened for Tanja and Max on the day of their civil wedding.

The photographer they had initally booked wasn’t feeling well (and by that I mean he must’ve been feeling horrible, because we usually try to photograph booked assignments even if we have to take tons of meds to stay functional…). So a few days before the wedding he texted me and asked if I was available to take over this civil wedding for him. I agreed, moved my schedule around a little and talked to the bride on the phone on the day before her wedding to arrange our meeting point and just to get to know each other a little. Thankfully, both of them are very laid-back people so although it must’ve come as a shock to them, they were just happy they would have a photographer present.

On their wedding day we met up and hit it off right away. We did a quick couple’s shoot in front of the ceremony location and in the old town before heading back for the wedding ceremony. Although this was “only” the civil ceremony, it quickly became exremely emotional. The ceremony was followed by a small reception for which Max’ mom prepared the most insanely incredible buffet. She’s not a professional cook by all means - but she should be! I mean just look at the pictures. She made everything herself and the few things I got to taste (yes, if I find a second in between snapping away, I will definitely also grab a bite to eat :p) were absolutely delicious.

Tanja and Max got to end the reception by taking a ride in a horse carriage that a friend had organized for them. But not before drinking a shot of alcohol first ;) I think this really tells how laid-back and fun these two are.

Tanja and Max, thanks for being such a wonderful couple, I’m glad I got to be there with you, even if the circumstances were a little different than usual :)

Dear Sandra,
We have have just had a chance to look at the photos and are absolutely overwhelmed. Thank you so much for having taken such incredibly beautiful Images of our wedding - you really made us relive the day again. We are so happy with the pictures and want to say thank you. It was great to have you be a part of our wedding.
— Tanja & Max

Location: Müllerhaus Lenzburg