Yolanda and I grew up in the same village, I went to school with her sister and hers was actually the first wedding I ever shot as a paid gig. Since, I have developed my work a LOT and my style has changed as well. Nevertheless, when Yolanda and Simon decided to tie the knot again more than a year after their civil ceremony she wanted me to be her photographer as well. I felt honored and didn't hesitate to accept. 

As soon as Yolanda told me of her vision of a boho-inspired wedding outside in front of a small chapel I couldn't wait for the day to come. And when it did and the forecast wasn't that great the two of them still decided to try to have the ceremony outside. We met up for the bridal shoot before the ceremony and when I first saw the gorgeous couple, my photographer-heart stopped for a second. Both of them looked absolutely stunning and above all comfortable in their clothes and with each other. Their whole wedding day was just like that: laid-back and just so THEM. The ceremony was held outside on wooden benches while there were scouts in the background grilling some sausages. Or at least, the beginning was outside. The priest decided to move us into that tiny little chapel when the rain started getting heavier and it didn't seem like it would stop anytime soon. A location-change in the middle of the ceremony? Count me in! 

Photographing in the chapel was a challenge, though. My goal as a photographer is to always stay in the background and not disturb anything or anyone - that's how you get to capture all those candid moments best, after all. But in this small chapel there was barely place to stand, let alone move. So I quickly decided to move to the furthest corner of the chapel while the guests were still settling in and moving over to the other side before the ceremony started. That meant that I was squeezed between the altarpiece and the musician with not a square centimetre to spare. It also meant that I was on full display for all guests. But I guess as soon as Yolanda and Simon started reading their vows to each other everyone's attention was on them. It was so absolutely emotional and I don't think I was the only one who teared up in the chapel .

There is no better way to make a ceremony more personal or emotional than writing vows to each other and reading them to your partner. It’s a vulnerable yet absolutely breathtaking and memorable moment you definitely will never regret.

After the ceremony, with their beautiful niece as a flower-girl, everyone drove to the location of the reception where even more people wer waiting for the not-newlyweds. Oh, didn't I mention? Yolanda and Simon had actually been legally married more than a year before they decided to finally have the wedding of their dreams. And that included a stunner of a bouquet (I mean HAVE YOU SEEN IT? It's an incredible piece of art), a dirty dress and self-made sausages. Yup, the sausages that were served after the ceremony were made by Simon and his brother. How cool is that? Oh, and please scroll down to have a look at those three brothers. I don't think I've ever seen a group as suave and good-looking as them. 

There's so much more I could tell you about this wedding but I guess I'll have to let the images speak for themselves. This was one of those weddings that proved that the most perfect celebrations aren't the most expensive or the most crazy ones but simply the ones where a couple follows its heart and plans the day according to their very own wishes. Oh, and there was a flower crown, so that adds to the perfection, of course... :D

We are speechless. Our day with Sandra was absolutely perfect! Sandra really catered to our wishes and motivated us a lot 😉 We couldn’t have imagined or dreamt it any better! And the pictures are incredibly beautiful. Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks to your perfect images we can relive our day again and again.
— Yolanda and Simon

Location: Achenberg Bad Zurzach
Wedding Dress: Bought in a boutique in Spain
Groom's clothes: Van Graaf