This was one of my first engagement-shoots and up to this time has remained one of my favorites. Emanuela and Marco are such an amazing, loving couple and I'm so very happy to get to shoot their wedding next year. I'm confident it will be a gorgeous day. 

Can you believe that the two of them hadn't really had any pictures together up until our shoot? Nowadays that's hard to wrap your head around, considering the millions of photos being taken every day. And don't get me started on selfies. For Emanuela and Marco it just never really was a priority. But since they wanted to personaliz their wedding invitations with a couple of photos of themselves they needed someone to take their picture. So glad they chose me. 

We met on a Tuesday afternoon in September in a park close to where they had both met for the first time. They came prepared, having given thought to what kinds of pictures they wanted and they had even made a moodboard! Now that's what I call service :) The light was absolutely beautiful, we had tons of fun and when we changed locations I was surprised to see that they had even brought an old bike to the shoot. Both of them like to ride bikes, albeit they're usually more modern than the one they had brought with them. I just love it when couples bring their personality into the shoot and let me know if there is anything they'd like to include in the pictures. Accessories? Anytime! 

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