Annekäthi and Rahel's wedding was an absolute dream come true. When I first visited the hotel they were going to get married at, I was worried. It is an older hotel with a... well, bland architecture. The room had yellowish floor-tiles and golden lamps we'd all walk past if we saw them at a flea market. After all, it the venue was the couple's choice, so I had to make the best of it. 

But when I got there on the day of the wedding I couldn't believe my eyes. Annekäthi and Rahel didn't have a wedding-planner but I don't think even if they had had one that he could've done as good a job as they had. The venue was absolutely transformed. And I don't mean it looked nice. It was the venue everyone would talk about after the wedding! That bland, sad and - let's say it - ugly conference room had been turned into a room that dreams are made of. There were tiny little trees lining the officiant's table, candles everywhere, sparkling mirrors and pink ribbons. Everything was so well thought-through! I loved it from the moment I first saw it. 

The ceremony afterwards was as perfect as everything around it. The officiant made everyone laugh and cry at the same time and it was absolutely beautiful to witness how everyone reacted. I found myself in tears too, but thankfully I have a camera to hide behind :) Beautiful service, amazing couple. Thank you guys so much for having me there!

... oh, and I can't keep this snapshot from you. While we were shooting on the riverside, a few people passed us. There were bikers, walkers, and also a few rubber boats flowing by. And one couple in a boat kept on shouting to the newlyweds until we waved back at them. It was hilarious and only made our shoot so much more fun.