Sandra and Brians wedding was the most emotional ceremony I got to witness so far. The two got married on a riverbank in late summer by two of their closest friends. Can it get more romantic than that? 

We started the day off at the hairdressers, where Sandra and her maid of honor got ready. The atmosphere was fun and easy, it seemed like I was the only nervous person in the room. Since the soon-to-be-newlweds decided to do the shoot before the wedding, the bride and I drove up to their home to pick up the groom. We took the photos at the location of the wedding (which was absolutely perfect!). It's actually a small industrial site with private access to the river. So we had fun shooting some couples-photos in front of colored doors, old windows and just the prettiest of backgrounds before deciding it was time for the couple to get ready for their ceremony. 

AND BOY, WAS IT BEAUTIFUL. Their friends did a tremendous job as officiants. The anecdotes and stories they told made me feel like I had known Sandra & Brian for ages. Everyone was laughing and crying at the same time. I have never experienced a wedding as emotional as this one. It was absolutely perfect and a total joy to photograph. The two of them had planned the day according to their own wishes and rules and ignored all possible "norms" that people think there have to be for weddings. And that's what made their wedding day so absolutely special. That, and the speeches their friends had prepared. I just can't. To this day I still think back to that wedding and wish I could relive it as a guest to soak up all the emotions again and again.  

So one quick word of advice: if you're planning on getting married (yay!) do it the way YOU want. You're getting married to the love of your life, after all. And that has to be celebrated in a way you like. Not the way your mother, your grandma or your uncle Joe wants you to. It's all about your wishes and desires. You don't like the wedding trends you see on pinterest? Don't feel pressured to incorporate them in your wedding. It doesn't say how you have to get married anywhere. Just do what feels right for you and your day will defnitely become the fairytale memory you've always wished it to be. It worked for Sandra and Brian, so I'm sure it will work for you too. :)