When I first got asked to photograph Nadja and Manuels wedding, I felt absolutely honored. As it happens, Manuel was the officiant in a beautiful previous wedding I had photographed and being asked to also be his wedding photographer was the best compliment I could've gotten. Also, it was a dream come true for me because the two of them decided to get married in the Swiss mountains. So when September came around I grabbed the car and drove almost three hours to arrive at the location of the wedding. It was this gorgeous old church with thick stone walls that not only looked, but also smelled of history. 

Unfortunately, the weather report had been announcing rain for the whole day. We all hoped for the best and when the bride arrived, cool as she is, the sun actually managed to shine through the clouds. After the ceremony we drove up to the venue together. Nadja and Manuel had previously decided not to have their portraits taken to spend more time with their loved ones. It's something I heftly advise against and I also did so with them. I promised them a very quick shoot with the mountains in the background so that they could remember their special day not only by pictures from the ceremony and the venue, but could also from the beautirful place they decided to get married at. Also, a couples shoot also brings the newlyweds a few moments for themselves during that hectic day. Thankfully, they agreed and so I stopped the car on the side of the road while driving up to the venue, ushered both of them out and had the quickest shoot in my career. Also, I felt really bad about having them stand in a damp meadow. But anything for great photos, right? 

Ten minutes later we were already back in the car and driving up to the venue when the first drops of rain started falling - the weather god was actually generous with us and we were rewarded with a beautiful cloudy scenery in the final pictures but managed to stay dry during the photos. After that, it started pouring. And by pouring I don't mean it rained. It was as if the sky had opened up. The reception had to be held inside, it got a little cramped in the tiny restaurant but everything worked out perfectly. The band (Belle & Bass - check them out!) played some wonderful songs and the children had a blast playing in the rain. 

So even if it rains on your wedding day, don't fret. It'll all turn out great anyways and it might even make for some amazing pictures :)