While on a quick trip to Grindelwald this couple asked me if I could take their picture real quick. Of course I did, handed them their phone back and went my way. But then an idea started forming in my head and I wouldn't let it go: I had brought my new camera along to use it for the first time. Why not do a couple's shoot instad of just taking landscapes and see if I could figure it out on the go? So I started looking for the two of them again, found them and asked them if they'd be up for it. Thankfully, they agreed. 

Charlene and David are from Newfoundland but living in the UK at the moment and were travelling through Switzerland for a week. They just so happened to have just started their travels so I could also help them out with a few tips on what to see and do :) 

Since I was there with friends and Charlene and David probably also had other plans we only did a really quick shoot that lasted about 10 minutes. For obvious reasons we couldn't take the position of the sun into consideration (it was basically the worst time to shoot, so that was yet another challenge). And still, I'm really happy I found the courage to go ask them because I learned that A) I kind of know how the camera works now B) the worst thing that can happen is that someone would say no and if they don't you actually get to make someone happy and walk away with cool pictures and C) I really want to do more shoots in the mountains!