When Rahel, Emanuel and I decided on a date for their engagement shoot we never would have thought we'd picked the coldest day of the year. So after seeing the weather report one day before our planned shoot we quickly decided to make the planned outdoor-shoot an indoor one. We met up for tea and coffee beforehand and then went on to the botanical gardens in Zurich. 

It was the best decision we could've made. 

I had never been to the botanical gardens before and must say that I'm in love with it as a shooting location! There's different kinds of ecosystems to explore so you also get different backgrounds for the pictures. It's also worth a visit if you're interested in plants and nature, of course. Obviously you shouldn't leave the marked paths but even then there's so many possibilities. We decided to shoot in the warmth of the gardens for a while and then try to catch the last light of the day for a few pictures outside. Even though it was a freezing day, it was also clear which meant we had a beautiful sunset waiting for us. I'm glad Rahel and Emanuel were up for the idea and ready to freeze a little. Looking at the pictures now, I feel like it was worth it - the photos taken outside are the ones in front of the reeds. I think those are actually my favorites. 

In addition, the two were absolutely great and relaxed in front of the camera - what a blessing to have such amazing clients. Now I can't wait for their wedding in August!