A beautiful evening in spring, a nice location and a couple madly in love. I don't need much more to be a happy photographer :) 

As soon as I booked my flight to Leipzig in Germany (a separate blogpost is coming soon) I knew I wanted to shoot a couple there. When you love your job, it's not work, it's fun. So even if I'm on vacation it's never a question of if to go out and photograph, but rather one of who and where. And I find taking photos in new surroundings with people I don't know inspiring and refreshing. You don't scout beforehand but instead just enjoy the moment and let yourself get inspired by whatever you see and feel in that exact moment. Christiane and Christian, the couple I met for the shoot in Leipzig, are avid bikers. They asked if they could bring their bikes to the shoot so we could take a few photos with them. Heck yes! 

Whenever you have something that helps you bring out your personality, an item that has emotional value, or a piece of clothing you feel especially beautiful in, never hesitate to bring it along to our shoot. Or maybe it's your puppy you love dearly? I love puppies and it's a great idea to have them present at your shoot! We'll try to incorporate everything you bring with you into the shoot in the best possible way and will make sure the images turn out just the way you want them to. Never ever be afraid to ask if something is okay to do. I'm up for almost anything and the pictures should make great memories for you, exactly the way you want them to. 

But back to Christiane and Christian. They suggested we meet in a park close to their home and told me it'd have an "urban feel". I was sceptical at first. I mean a park in winter? It's okay, but being in a bigger city I felt like a nice cityscape, some beautiful buildings and narrow streets would make for better backdrops. But since the park seemed to mean something to them, I agreed. I mean we could still walk out of the park after a few shots and find another place to shoot, right? In hindsight, I'm greatful I didn't immedeately suggest meeting in the center. The park was absolutely amazing and really a dream-location for the kind of shoot I had envisioned. There were parts that screamed urban, a small birch alley, playgrounds, crazy tubes zig-zagging through the park (I have no idea what they are for) and so much more that we had a hard time finding only a few spots to shoot in. I'm really happy with how the photos turned out. Thank you, Christiane and Christian for being so spontaneous and also for the warm Glühwein afterwards ;)