Talk about a fairytale wedding! 

You know how sometimes you get excited about something that's coming up and just can't really put your finger on why exactly? That's how I felt with this wedding. Ever since I first met Selina & Mathias and they told me about them and about their wedding day I was the kid waiting for the first day of school: Excited, giddy but also a little nervous. They told me their plans of getting married in the beautiful garden of an old mansion, under the trees. The location was breathtaking and I was really looking forward to photographing their big day there. In addition to that, they decided to book me for the preparation as well. Unfortunately, that's still a time many couples chose not to have photographed although I highly recommend them to. Think about it: 

The preparation is the only time of the day you are not together. You don’t know what the other is doing and by capturing those moments in photographs you get to relive them together when looking through the photos afterwards.

Usually, I tell my couples what they should consider when preparing the rooms where they will be getting dressed. I remind them to pick a room with a lot of natural light, declutter it and try to keep all the little things like rings, perfumes and garters at hand. When I walked into Selina and Mathias' aparment I realized that this one time I probably didn't even have to say anything. It was obvious Selina had really thought through every little detail for her wedding day. Everything was beyond perfect. The dress hung against the window and the flowers matched the interior perfectly; all the details were arranged in perfect instagram-like-manner in a little box and her and the girls were all wearing beautiful gowns while getting ready. I couldn't help but smile. Now if that's not a dream-client I don't know who is. Also, Selina was an incredibly relaxed bride. She did her own make-up, joked with the girls and even had time for a quiet moment on the balcony. Meanwhile, Mathias was getting ready at his in-laws house. How cute is that? Him, his best man and the bride's brother got ready together before making the 45-minute drive to the location to welcome the guests. 

But sorry, I'm digressing and I'm sure you're already tired of hearing me babble about how perfect everything about this wedding was. So a quick recap of the day before we get to the photos: Fortunately, the weather turned out to be the best wedding-weather. Not too hot, not too cold and partially cloudy (great for photos! So don't worry if that's what the weather report says for your big day). Before the ceremony there were a few drops but the rain stopped just in time to let the bride walk down the aisle to her nervous groom. The wonderful Simone from "lovely words" held an emotional and also very funny ceremony that many of the guests will probably remember for a long time and the bride's mother - conveniently being a florist - made the most beautiful rose arch for the ceremony and a breathtaking flower concept for the venue. Selina and Mathias decided to have their whole wedding day at the Villa Wenkenhof so that the guests could enjoy a drink without having to worry about changing venues afertwards. Dinner was held in one of the magnificent rooms from the 18th-century and Selina planned the whole decoration in soft, very elegant tones which went perfectly with the location. If I didn't know better, I would've bet that there was a wedding planner involved. Selina knew what she was doing and boy, did she pull it off. It was a blast photographing this amazing couple (who actually met playing soccer, can you believe it?) and their unforgettable day and it made me realize once again what a privilege it is to accompany couples on their wedding day.

Even now, almost two months later, I'm still thinking back to the day fondly. Man, I love this job and I hope you will enjoy the photos just as much as I do. Drop me a comment below what you think about the gallery - it's much appreciated! 

All vendors listed on the bottom of the post. 

Location: Villa Wenkenhof, Riehen BL
Dress: Eddy K
Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo
Suit: Hugo Boss
Rings: Elizza
Earrings: Ivory & Co
Flowers: the bride's mother
Ceremony master: the wonderful Simone from lovely words
Band: LiveJazz
DJ: DJ Wedding