What a perfect moment, what a perfect couple!

When Phillip first contacted me and told me about his plans to propose to his long-time girlfriend Denise while on their trip to Europe, I was elated! Being there during a proposal and capturing it for the couple is always a huge honor. Of course I was all in.

Denise and Phillip both live in Australia and travelled through Europe for a while. Phillip had planned the proposal and told me that Denise might just be expecting it - although she probably thought he’d pop the question during New Year’s Eve in Paris. But Phillip had different plans. They visited Switzerland in the beginning of January and Phillip initially thought of proposing to her in Grindelwald. When he told me they’d be staying in Mürren I suggested to move the location to there so we’d be more flexible and might even get lucky with capturing three of Switzerland’s most famous peaks in the background - the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

So we set a date and boy, did we get lucky! On the day of, the sun shone and everything was perfect. All the previous days it had snowed and visibity had been zero (which made for some pretty snow-covered peaks, though) and all the days after that were supposed to be the same. That must be fate, right?

Coincidentally, Denise, Phillip and I actually ended up on the same train and the same carriage to Mürren so Phillip and I tried to be clandestine about it while at the same time whatsapping each other “That’s you on the train, right?” 😂 

Long story short: I picked a gorgeous spot overlooking the mountains (and the three peaks were visible!), hid in a playground and waited for the two lovebirds to show up. When they did, it was magical: Phillip prepared a little speech, got down on one knee and popped the question. And Denise said yes! It came as a total surprise to her that there was a photographer present but you wouldn’t have been able to tell during the following shoot. The two of them we’re absolutely great together and we got some pretty nice shots both at the peak where they got engaged and in the town of Mürren. Thanks to the girls at badenblüht we even had a typical Swiss toboggan with a gorgeous flower-arrangement that we got to incorporate in the images. All in all, it was a perfect day. Not just for Denise and Phillip, but for me too :)

Also, after they returned back home they both wrote me the most amazing referral that I simply have to share with you. Phillip, thanks so much for reaching out to me through Sweet Escape and all the best to both you and Denise! I hope you’ll always be as cheery and happy together as on the day of your engagement :)

Sandra was our assigned photographer from Sweetescape and we couldn’t have been any luckier, in fact we felt blessed. This was a very special occasion as this pictorial was actually to capture my proposal to my girlfriend of 6 years. I was incredibly nervous however from the start, Sandra was very welcoming and exceptionally professional with her proactive communication. Despite the distance and time zones in our respective countries (Australia and Switzerland), we kept in constant touch through Skype and Whatsapp where she ensured all my needs were covered. I told her I wanted it to be simple but elegant, intimate, whilst capturing the brilliance of the Swiss alps that would reflect the beauty of the moment.

She planned everything very meticulously and the day of the proposal couldn’t have been any more perfect. The weather and location she recommended at the peak of Allmendhubel was picture-perfect. We had a flawless vantage point point with the three famous peaks of Jungfrau, Eiger, Monch in the background. Sandra gorgeously laid petals in the shape of a heart with a Swiss toboggan ornamented with flowers. This was the marker where I said my little speech and proposed to the love of my life. Fortunately, she said yes! Sandra was hiding the entire time in the playground nearby to ensure the moment was as intimate as possible, capturing the moment through her professional lens. She even gave us a bottle of wine to celebrate our first few moments together as an engaged couple. We then commenced our two hour photoshoot where Sandra captured the moment so gracefully. Being our first ever photoshoot, she did guide us but at the same time allowed us to be ourselves so we felt comfortable and natural in the photos. In the two hours we had, we were able to capture so many beautiful angles in different parts of the mountain that you would think we spent multiple days there. However Sandra’s creativity with the shots we took enabled us to make the most of the time we had with her.

As the sun went down, we walked back to our hotel where she had helped organised one last surprise for my fiancée. A wonderful bouquet of flowers awaited her. She was brought to tears as the day couldn’t have been any better. As I departed farewell, she also had a surprise for me as she captured the entire moment on GoPro (as I had originally planned to capture the moment by drone but decided against it due to the mountain winds).

My fiancée and I couldn’t stop talking about how magical the proposal was, and Sandra contributed very much to how everything panned out. Thank you so much for not only being our photographer but for helping me propose in this picture perfect moment 😊 Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Sandra for capturing ALL your special occasions and most definitely for proposals!

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