Oh boy, how much we laughed during this wedding! Monika and Tom got married in a church with the funniest pastor I have met so far. He had the whole congregation cracking up and I would absolutely love to meet him again for another wedding. He managed to make the whole ceremony about the couple and had everyone relaxed after just a few minutes. It was one of the cheeriest church-ceremonies I have ever attended. Maybe it helped that the groom dropped the ring during the exchange, too? :)

As Tom is extremely engaged in various groups and organizations, there was hundreds of people there for Monika and Tom’s reception. They definitely had the longest “guard of honor” (aka a line of people to walk through, which is a tradition here in Switzerland) that I had ever seen! And there was even quite a few furry guests as Monika is a member of a dog’s club with their puppy. One was cuter than the other and my dog-loving heart was truly happy.

This wedding was full of love and also full of firsts for me. Since the group of people was enormous, it was difficult for me to get them all in a group-shot. Thankfully, one of the organizations Tom is a part of is the firefighters. They also came to the reception, and they came equipped: For the group-shot the guys drove up a truck with a ladder that I got to climb up on to take the shot. Yup, that made it easy. And since the group was so much fun I spontaneously decided to see whether they could form a heart around the couple. Usually, that’s quite difficult to do but somehow they got it right on the first try! Compliments to the guests :D

In the evening we relocated to the Ischhof, a beautiful barn that’s perfect for weddings. It was decorated beautifully and the guests especially enjoyed the swing that was part of the barn and became more fun the longer the evening went. The party started with the bride and her friends dancing the Macarena and here comes a suggestion for all future brides: Make sure to check out Monika’s shoes. I’m sure many of you would like to feel that comfortable in the evening :)

Monika and Tom, thanks again for letting me be a part of your wedding!

Location & Catering: Ischhof Aetigkofen
Sincerity, bought at Domino Brautmode, Lörrach
Bridal shoes:
Domino Brautmode, Lörrach
Regula Müller, Coiffeur Amana
Nadine Hirsig, Bellach
Bluemeland, Solothurn
Finesse Torten
DJ Sunny, Grenchen