When singer Kira Stahel asked me to take her portraits for some new marketing material, I was immediately in. I had previously worked with Kira while shooting the cover for the new album of one of her projects, Belle and Bass (see the photos here). We set a date in November and planned on going to the mountains to take a few rad photos of Kira in alpine scenery. 

When the day came and it was supposed to be snowing we figured we'd still give it a go, snowy mountains in the background aren't too bad either, are they? So we drove up to the Bernese alps and found - fog. We could hardly see what was in front of us and didn't even know whether there were mountains anywhere in the vicinity! Thankfully, Kira was brave enough to go through with the shoot in knee-deep snow. We parked the car right on the side of the road - Who would drive past here in this weather anyways? - and kept jumping back in, turning the heating on and warming up for a few minutes before heading back out again to continue shooting. It was definitely a memorable shoot and I'm amazed at how Kira still managed to look this great in just jeans and a sweater while I was all wrapped up in about 10 layers of clothes haha