Oh boy, what a magical shoot it was!

A serene mountain scenery, a small tent put up in the middle of a meadow and a cake that was to die for. These were only a few impressions of the incredible styled shoot we put together with a few vendors. We all initially met through facebook so all say HAIL to the power of Social Media. 

The idea behind the shoot was to show couples that anything is possible! Just plan your wedding the way you want it to be. I can't stress this enought, but if you want a cake that looks like an elephant, just find the vendor who will make it for you! Anything is possible. Ask around and you'll find the person who dyes your hair pink for that day, the dress that makes you look as if you were floating, the location where everyone can just hang out in hammocks. You will be thinking back to that day again and again so your memories should be exactly the way you want them to. And that's what happened here, too: 

We (almost) all met in person for the first time that day and hit it off right away! It's amazing what creative minds can do when they work together. We wanted to do a shoot that was a little different from all the other things floating around the web so the idea of having a circus-themed wedding popped up pretty quickly. And I am just a little proud to say it was my idea :p We organized a location, found someone who rents out tents (that rhymes!), had the amazing Marta make beautiful and delicious sweets, got incredible stationery custom-made, ... To cut this short: Everyone showed their absolute best in this shoot and we had so much time preparing it and putting it into action! I hope you like the photos too and would absolutely appreciate it if you left a comment. 

Location: Flumserberg
Bride: Vivien Rothenberger
Groom: Dani Nyffi
Dress: Zoro Bridal
Florist: Sandra Ebner Hochzeitsfloristik
Cake and Sweets: The Cake Project
Rings: Kurz Schmuck & Uhren
Hair & Make-Up: MiRacle Beauty
Videographer: Kupfer & Linse
Stationery: yourSiGN
Decorations: Pinkfisch
Tent: Tentickle
Chalk-boards: Jsas

also photographed (photos not shown) by Mary Fernandez Photography