The location I live at in Switzerland is in the so-called “flatlands”. Which means we’re not high above sealevel and subsequently hardly ever get (lasting) snow. So when it started snowing - and snowing hard - this week, I did a spontaneous model call on my instagram and facebook pages. I had been on assignment for the newspaper in a beautiful spot that inspired me for a couple’s shoot in the snow the previous day.

Meryl and Besnik were quick to reply. Having just gotten home from their vacation they had some time to spare and after having texted a bit and decided on where to meet up. we met each other in person for the first time the next morning. It was all a bit hurried but thankfully both of them are very easy-going. We chatted while walking back to the location and had the shoot wrapped up in under an hour. Both of them are absolutely lovely and I really enjoyed shooting with them.

It’s great when you get to make an idea from your mind come to life. I had wanted romantic winter-wonderland images and that’s absolutely what I got. I’m so happy with the outcome!