You know how somehow there's people you just connect with? Beautiful Camilla is such a person for me. We strangely met online in a group-messenger-chat more than ten years ago and while in that chat found out that we were about to start school in the same class the next day. We exchanged photos to make sure we'd recognized each other at school. The next day, introduction to the school was held in the theater. I sat down, scanning the crowd for the mysterious girl with the beautiful hair - and there she was! A few rows in front of me, unmistakeably her because of those brown curls. That was the start of a friendship that has lasted until this day. We went snowboarding together, backpacked through Thailand, shot videos in the rain and of course lived through relationships and break-ups like best friends do. 

So when Camilla told me her boyfriend Sam had proposed, I was extremely happy for the two of them. And when they asked me to do an engagement-shoot in the mountains with them, I knew that would be (part of the) best wedding present I could give them. We found an approximate location on google maps and just drove off into the unknown. The shoot was supposed to be a secret until the wedding invitations were to be sent out. We found a beautiful meadow in the middle of nowhere and started shooting. Because they both love the mountains and knew they wanted a mountain-theme in both their photos and the whole wedding they also wore not-so-traditional-to-Switzerland lederhosen and a dirndl for the shoot, which made it all the more special.  What fun it was with the two of them! I like to think back to that day. Also because it shows how a spontaneous shoot in an unknown location can turn out great if you're having fun.  

It wasn't really warm anymore back then, so we treated ourselves to a yummy hot chocolate later on before driving back home. And the best thing? They loved the pictures so much that they had them printed in a gigantic size for their wedding.