Nicole and Vincenzo decided to get married quite spontaneously. It was the final week of 2016 when they asked me to be their photographer - in the first week of January! Thankfully, winter-weddings still aren't as popular so I was able to switch a few things around and make time for those two lovebirds. 

A few days before the wedding two things happened: It started snowing for the first time and I got the flu. Horrible, horrible timing. I was on sick leave at work, spending days in bed, drinking tons of tea and hoping that by the end of the week I would feel well enough to photograph this beautiful couple's special day. Thankfully, I started feeling better by Friday and the snow had lastet that long, too. Talk about lucky. 

It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony with an amazing officiant. Nicole and Vincenzo had opted for a longer version of the civil ceremony, so when we got outside in the cold after more than half an hour the people waiting to greet the newlyweds were freezing! It was -10 degrees outside, after all. Nevertheless the party held a tiny little reception outside and despite the cold the mood was happy and celebratory. They popped a few bottles of champagne (check if you can find the cork on the photo) and partied. That's what weddings should be about: Forget the cicumstances and just celebrate!

After a while we sent the guests on to the restaurant to warm up and went down to the river for our couples-shoot. Oh, what a great decision it was! Since it hadn't rained in a while there were sandbanks covered in snow with tiny little puffy plants swaying in the wind. It was absolutely romantic and hadn't it been for the cold we might have dipped our toes in the water, just for good measure :) Per my suggestion Nicole and Vincenzo came prepared: They brought warm shoes, blankets and hot tea. And they had actually thought about "props", too: The mugs they brought with them were from the christmas market in Stuttgart - the place where Vincenzo proposed! So of course I had to incorporate the mugs into the shoot. And I think Nicole and Vincenzo were glad for the warm hands in the icy weather. 

Thanks for having me guys and all the best for your little family!